Tiletastic Tiletastic is a .NET Windows application for manipulating tile sheets.  Tile sheets are images that contain a number of smaller images tiled together used in video games to prevent sending numerous small images to the graphics card.  Tiletastic uses a multiple document interface allowing you to load numerous tile sheets, manipulate them and move tiles between different tile sheets. Download Download Tiletastic (requires .NET 2.0) How to use Tiletastic Tiletastic is fairly simple.  Hopefully the following screenshots will give a clear idea of what the application can do and how it works. If we select an image to load we will be prompted to enter the size of the grid used to split it into tiles: Here we've loaded another image and, after dragging and selecting the digits from 0-9, we find we can't drag them into the other tilesheet because the tiles in the letters are 32x32 pixels and the tiles in the digits are 36x36: If we select the letters window and open up the info dialog we can see the width and height of the tiles within the image.  We can't edit these values directly but we can enlarge the tiles by setting the 'AddLeft', 'AddRight', 'AddAbove' and 'AddBelow' values.  These values determine how many rows/columns will be added (or deleted by supplying a negative value) from each edge of each tile: With both images now containing tiles of the same size the digits 0-9 can be dragged onto the letters image: The layout of the tiles can be changed from the info menu.  Here we are going to change the letters image so that it contains 9 tiles across.  The height can't actually be changed since it's determined by the width and the number of tiles. So now the letter image has 9 tiles across and 4 down. Contact: General information   info@smudgedcat.com Product support   support@smudgedcat.com Forums Blog