The Adventures of Shuggy The Adventures of Shuggy is a retro-styled 2D platform game available on XBox Live Arcade and PC via DRM-free direct download and Steam. It's a 2D platformer containing a variety of different levels with a leaning towards puzzles.  There are over 100 single player levels and 36 Co-Op levels connected through a gradually unlocking map screen ensuring there is always a variety of levels to choose from.  Various different mechanics give each level a fresh spin with Shuggy travelling in time, swinging on ropes, rotating levels, turning to a zombie, shrinking, growing, flying, teleporting and more. The game takes place in an old Scottish mansion recently inherited by young Shuggy, a cartoon vampire.  To clear the mansion of evil spirits he must venture through the five different areas of the mansion, The Dungeon, The Boiler Room, The Gallery, The Graveyard and The Clocktower.  Progress through the mansion is punctuated by comic book cut scenes and the occassional boss encounter. Shuggy’s Teleporting Troubles The “Shuggy’s Teleporting Troubles” level pack was added to the game on the 26th of October.  The levels are completely free and include 40 brand new single player levels of clever conundrums and devious devices.  The new levels equip Shuggy with a secondary teleporter allowing him to use it in conjunction with one of the many other gameplay mechanics Shuggy offers, or even the existing teleporter, leading to some exciting new levels to solve. Buy now Download The Adventures of Shuggy to your XBox 360 or buy it for $5. The Adventures of Shuggy for PC is available to buy from Steam, Desura, Amazon or directly here as a DRM-free standalone executable with an option to get a Steam key as well. The Adventures of Shuggy is also available as part of OnLive’s PlayPack. Windows Demo Download the Shuggy Demo v1.09 (115MB) System Requirements: OS - XP/Vista/7 Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz or equivalent Memory: 256MB HD Space: 68MB Video Card: DX9 Compatible Shader Model: 2.0 Videos Download the trailer (96.1MB) Coverage Indie Game Magazine - 93% - “Bitsized Brilliance” Gamezebo - 4.5/5 - “A fantastic, fun game that deserves to be a big hit” Gamezone - 8.5/10 - “If you haven't already played it, go do so right now” NewGamerNation - 8.5/10 - “a well designed and creative platformer” Beefjack - 8.5/10 - “a quality game that’s seriously worth your time” Gamespot - 8/10 - “Pushes the envelope with a deluge of gameplay ideas” Eurogamer - 8/10 - “Vintage bouncy platforming nonsense right out of the top drawer” Screenshots Download the press kit containing all screenshots plus box art and logos.
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