A Bomb’s Way A Bomb's Way is an Xbox Live Indie Game released on 04/04/2009.  You can find it in the Indie Games section of Xbox Live Marketplace.  It's a 2D platformer featuring a new character with a short fuse.  In each level you must collect all the clocks before you run out of time and explode.  Each clock collected gives you a little bit more fuse to complete the level but there's no time to relax before you'll be looking for the next.  Add in some firey beasties, the ability to rotate the level and you've got the ultimate arcade experience. Videos Downloads Download A Bomb’s Way to your XBox Tips Remember that tapping the jump button allows you to instantly stop falling.  You can drop really quite slowly if you keep tapping which can often mean the difference between staying alive and plummeting to your doom. Rotating the level can be a life saver.  Try getting used to when it's safe to rotate the level so you'll be able to react quickly when you're in a tight spot. The ringing clocks give you a much bigger time boost and clocking a row of them together gives you serious points.  Going for these shortens the time between extra lives and is the key to progressing further. Screenshots
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